Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Top Five Disney Princes!

        The Disney princesses are some of my absolute favorite characters in all of Disney. I love everything about them, from their movies to their dresses and meeting them in the parks. Their princes are also fantastic. Now, this list has been made with only the love interests of the official Disney Princesses in mind, so no Hercules, Tarzan or Robin Hood unfortunately. This top five is not hard and fast for me, and coming up with it was pretty difficult, especially outside of my top three, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, so let's get started!
5. Prince Charming
        I know that he isn't usually included with most people's favorites, but I've got a soft spot for Cinderella's prince. He's a guy who knows what he wants, and who won't take things like love lightly even to please his father. Maybe it's just me, but I've got respect for a guy who has every girl in a kingdom throwing themselves at him yet only pursues one. When Cinderella ran away, there was still a ballroom of eligible women who would have loved his attention, but rather than give them any thought he only wants to get her back. To me, he's determined and passionate, and those are great qualities. I think we can also gather that he's rather humble, as he obviously wasn't talking much about being a prince if Cinderella didn't even realize who he was after hours together. The guy is also a romantic. I would love to be danced around the beautiful grounds of a palace. Overall, we may not know him that well, but what we do know about Prince Charming is all good, so he deserves a spot in my top five (for now at least).
4. Prince Eric
       Eric is handsome and charming, of course, but what really sets him apart is his kindness. It's clear from the start that Eric is full of compassion. His interactions with Max alone get across his caring nature. Add to that the way he takes in Ariel and shows her around the kingdom, and you've got me hooked. Eric is one of the few princes in Disney who are born with their title but don't have an attitude about it. His benevolence and compassion are clearly reflected in the way he rules. Even though he wields power over Grimsby and Carlotta it's obvious that there's a lot of love among them, and he never abuses his power to put them down. (On a side note, Chef Louis still has a job at the end of the movie, so clearly the kindness extends to him too.) The bravery that Eric possesses also adds to his appeal. Whether it's saving Max from the fire or taking on Ursula, he doesn't back down when his loved ones are at stake. Overall, Prince Eric is an amazing guy, but I'm not sure I'd give up my voice for him.
3. Aladdin
       Over the course of his movie Aladdin more than proves that he really is a diamond in the rough. I'd argue that Aladdin's generosity is his best trait. He really tries his best to take care of other people, even if his ways of doing so aren't quite legal. Whether it's giving his bread to the little kids or getting Jasmine out of trouble, Aladdin uses every skill he has to make sure the people around him are cared for. He's also clever, constantly getting out of trouble and tricking Genie into granting wishes without actually having to wish for them. Now, he does get off course a bit while posing as Prince Ali, but he also realizes that and works to make amends afterward. Maybe it's just me, but I think that being able to admit when you're wrong is one of the best qualities that anyone can have. Having looked closer, it's obvious to me that Aladdin is no street-rat.
2. Prince Naveen
       At the start of The Princess and the Frog I certainly didn't think that I'd love Naveen, but his character development over the course of the film is some of the best that Disney has ever done. Naveen's journey from cocky, spoiled prince to the hardworking and compassionate man that he becomes is a joy to watch and absolutely buys him a spot on this list. Naveen, like Aladdin, must come to grips with the fact that he had been wrong in the past. His love for Tiana truly brings out the best in him. For someone who once turned to Dr. Facilier to make his life easier, his dedication to making Tiana's dreams come true is remarkable. One of my favorite sequences from any Disney film is when he prepares to, and then fails to, propose on the riverboat. It's a lovely thing to watch him transform from selfish to selfless. His suave, smooth talking ways are amazing, but they're nothing compared to that journey.
1. Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert
        Now I know that this is a pretty popular choice right now, but I believe that that's for a reason. Flynn is like every Disney prince rolled into one--he has the charm, the shady past, the compassionate heart, and the moral transformation, not to mention a great sense of humor.
Nothing beats the reveal of Flynn's real identity, except maybe the way that Eugene goes on to try to give Rapunzel the best day ever, and then to sacrifice himself to save her. He literally goes from stealing from Rapunzel to giving her everything, including his life. That's quite the transformation and it reveals what a loving and all around great guy Eugene is under all of that talk and cockiness. At the risk of being a bit extreme, I'd say that Disney will have a hard time ever topping Eugene Fitzherbert.

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